Learn How To Discover Your “Next”

Author Daniel Ryan Day recently wrote the book, “What’s Next: Your Dream Job, God’s Call, and a Life That Sets You Free”. In it, he aids Christians that are desperately searching for God’s will over their lives and to discover what plans He has over their future.

Day leads Christians out of feeling as if their life lacks meaning- such as being stuck in a dead-end job- and helps them find out what God has planned for them. He helps those who feel limited by a lack of education, or lack of options to find purpose in life.

Additionally, What’s Next helps Christians break through the barrier of feeling like God is being silent regarding their future.


What Next is a wonderful book because Day is able to relate to the common struggles that people experience when trying to navigate through life. We all want to feel as if we are making a difference in this world, and want to have an impact.

Day’s personal struggle can from trying to find direction regarding college, to doors being shut while trying to land his dream job, and finally, getting fired from a job that he was successful at.

All Day really wanted was to fulfill God’s call on his life! He just wasn’t sure what that was… yet.

So, he searched scripture, uncovered God’s will, and everything finally began to make sense. Day had anticipated that “dream job” and “God’s call” were one and the same. What Day learned changed his way of thinking, eliminated his present frustration, and enabled him to step forward into God’s call on his life.

Daniel Ryan Day is an author, speaker, blogger, and co-host of Discover the Word.

Diane Lloyd was able to sit down with Daniel and discuss his latest book with him, and how he came to learn the truths about God’s calling on his life.

This is an interview that you don’t want to miss- especially if you are struggling to discover God’s purpose over your future. What’s Next will give you greater clarity, and eliminate the frustration which will free you to walk in confidence towards your “next” in life!

This interview and more can be found in our September 2019 issue coming our on August 27, 2019!

For more information on Daniel Ryan Day, visit www.danielryanday.com.

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