Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation seeks to impact every facet of human life in Nigeria where many women and children are effected by poverty and disease.  For some, it defines their quality of life.
Their goal is to help improve the society in Nigeria by helping support the underpriviledged in rural communities where shanties and ghettos are prevalent.
Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation (WHRF) strives to help individuals, families, communities and groups of people who are socially disadvantaged to create a better environment and more opportunities.  They work with children, youth, and rural communities to provide access to quality education/training, and generating resources for personal and community development.  WHRF partners with corporate organizations to provide corporate social responsibility solutions to people residing in rural communities.  They also work with the nonprofit sector to create a partnership for sustainable rural development in Nigeria and Africa.
Additionally, WHRF Strategic Plan reaffirms the commitment to contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
WHRF supports over 5,000 children get back to school in rural areas, and has made huge donations to reach over 2,750 children in the IDP camp, Benin City, and Edo State.  They empower women, as well.
 In our May issue, Faith Filled Family interviewed Adigun Temitayo who is the President and CEO of Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation.  Adigun contributes to WHRF’s goal of an aggressive outreach to give hope to the underprivileged which includes respecting the rights of the disabled, promoting education for all, and access to healthcare.
In his interview, Adigun discusses Wheels of Hope Foundation, and what fuels his passion to help the underprivileged in the rural areas of Nigeria.  He emphasises how important a small toy is to a child, and he has a profound willingness to donate to those in need.  He is also driven by a desire to provide free education to those who don’t have access to it due to the high costs.  It is a warm interview that you do not want to miss, and an organization that many will love to help.  Adigun Temitayo is also our cover story for this month!

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