At one point, we have all wondered why bad things happen to good people.  More specifically, we wonder why God lets bad things happen to good people.  Whether we are referencing ourselves and our situation, or someone else, it is an attempt to come to an understanding of why things happen.  We want to believe that a God who loves us has a reason for whatever situation/circumstance we are finding ourselves facing.  We desperately want to know why this happened, and why God allowed it to happen.

When we understand the why, we can make sense of our situation and come to peace with it.  If we are at fault, we can repent and make changes.  However, when things happen without any “fault” (just one of those things), or when the fault was out of our control, there is a tendency to get angry at God for allowing it.  We make it God’s fault that the event occurred.

How many parents have been angry that God didn’t protect their child from being hit by a drunk driver (they prayed protection)?  How many people do you think blamed God when they were laid off and struggled financially (God you said you would provide/We are faithful tithers)?  How many people blamed God for an illness (God I prayed to walk in divine health and healing)?  How many women blamed God for not being able to conceive or for a miscarriage?  What about when a spouse left or had an affair?

Bad things happen that are out of our control.  Bad things do happen to God’s people.  However, God isn’t responsible for many of these things.

I know it doesn’t make sense, and that sometimes things appear to be going against God’s Word.  When things appear to be contrary to His Word, often we begin to doubt it, and doubt Him.  However, we do have an enemy, and we need to discern between the “God allowed…” and “Satan tried to…” conversations that go on in our heads.  We may never know why an accident happened, why someone went to be with the Lord too early, or a myriad of other things.  However, we need to not blame God for supposedly allowing it to happen.  God loves His children, and does not want to see us hurt.  It hurts Him, too.  But sometimes things happen to people because of their disobedience, or for them taking unnecessary risks.  We don’t know what people are thinking, or truly what they are about as we only see what they allow us to see.

We may never know… But God does.  In God, we may find the answers, and in God, we will find the healing.

Our next issue will deal with how to minister to those who are angry at God for a tragedy they are facing, and how to get them to a point of healing.  Peggy Bodde will also teach you how to minister to someone who blames God for a situation they don’t understand, and how to get them to return to God.  She will also instruct people who are going through this how to deal with the pain, and move on to peace.

Our next issue is released on October 26, 2017 on our website, by free subscription, and across the Faith Filled Family social media.



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