Let Me Ask you this, Where in the Bible does it talk about Luck?

“Luck of the Irish”, “luck be a lady”, “lucky ….” How many phrases referencing luck can you think of? Yet how many times is luck referenced in scripture? None. Why? Because luck falls into the realm of superstition, and does not place our faith in our Creator.

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Why do you need god when you have luck?

If luck were sufficient, we wouldn’t need God, and life would be defined as a series of somewhat random outcomes. Given that there are two options: success and failure, we have two variables. This means that there is a 50/50 chance in any given circumstance to either fail, or succeed.

But does God work this way?

No, He doesn’t. God doesn’t tell us that in Him we will fail half the time, and succeed the other half because that is not how He operates. That would tell us that we could only trust/rely on Him about 50% of the time… That’s just not scriptural!

God tells us to surrender to Him, and that we can rely on Him always. God is not random, as His promises are yes and amen, according to the Bible. Not, well… maybe, if I feel like it, or only if I’m in a good mood.

So why do we rely on luck for our outcome?

Luck really has nothing to do with it, and as mentioned, it falls under superstition (idolatry, when you think about it) which elevates an object/thing above what God can do in your life. It is saying that believing in something else other than God will result in a desired outcome.

Is that the message that you want God to receive? That He is not enough, and that something else can deliver what you need to be happy/succeed?

Luck Negates Faith

Luck and faith cannot be used interchangeably because they mean two totally different things. Furthermore, the belief in bad luck may be what draws negative aspects in our life especially the phrase, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”

Do you want to confess that? You can see how it would influence the negative aspects into your life. It’s like saying that’s what you want, and what you expect… but it definitely isn’t scriptural.

Helen Murray discusses the concept of luck and tackles the luck/faith debate. She also talks about how luck can cause us to be a victim of our own negativity, how it shapes our reality, and how it can equate to bad luck.

This feature and more in our July 2019 issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on July 26, 2019!

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