Love Waits
Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko
Genre: Coming of Age
Tentative Release: January 3, 2015
Our Rating: PG-13
Directors: Chip Rossetti and Donald James Parker
Based on the book written by Donald James Parker

At fourteen, Cheri Marten finds her life being turned upside down. With the death of her mother, her and her dad move from a small town in Nebraska to a big city in the southern United States. As if the move weren’t complicated enough, Cheri has to endure classmates ridiculing her for being a virgin.
Tired of all of the pressure, Cheri agrees to loose her virginity to a boy at school who, a virgin himself, agrees to have sex, but only with a girl who is still pure.
Cheri’s challenges don’t stop there, though. Cheri has enough challenges at home cooking and cleaning for her controlling father who refuses to see her as a blossoming young woman, nor is he prepared to deal with issues of parenting a young girl. All her father knows is that boys are off limits… FAR off limits for Cheri.
Cheri and her father become ensnared in a power struggle as she tries to assert her own independence. She is snarky and disrespectful to her father, and he in turn, is exasperated with her. She soon comes to the realization that the dad she once knew is gone. He used to be nice and go to church. Now, he is far from God. The two clash once again when Cheri is openly faced with a double standard.
Who will emerge victorious in this intense battle of power? Will it be Cheri who just wants to carve out her own niche? Her father who is still searching for happiness and meaning after the death of his wife? Will it be God who is searching for His children to obey His word and live a godly lifestyle?

I really enjoyed watching this movie as the characters are so realistically and openly portrayed. Teens watching this movie can easily identify with the characters which make them more open to this movie’s message: that love, if it is truly of God, can wait.
The movie does not condemn anyone who has lost their virginity, but it does emphasize the biblical reasons as to why people should wait until marriage. It presents a multitude of scenarios, and what I really enjoyed hearing was a character state that there are always consequences for our actions.
What is quite well-done is the fact that the characters each have their own story. Cheri is a virgin, one girl faced molestation, another faced an attempted rape, numerous characters faced peer pressure to conform, one person faced an abortion, etc. Viewers can relate to at least one of the characters and their lives will be touched by at least one of them. The good thing about Love Waits is that there aren’t too many characters such that you can’t keep track of who’s who, but there are just enough to be impacted by just one of them.
God is mentioned throughout the movie, and scripture is continually drawn upon. This movie presents something that many others only just touch upon, which is what does God have to say about sex, but more importantly, why. It discusses why teens should remain pure, God’s design for sex, and leaning upon Him in times of weakness. It shows viewers another side to this sensitive topic, and answers all of their whys.
The only thing that parents should be aware of is the open discussion of sex. There is no nudity or vulgarity, and promiscuity is inferred, but not seen. The purpose of promiscuity is to emphasize the message and to act as a contrast. It encourages open discussion between a parent and teen.
I would highly recommend this movie. It is very well done all around, and can be an effective teaching tool when dealing with teens and sex.