Wild Heart, is the newest album released by Urban Rescue. This album is full of praise and worship songs, and truly captured my attention with their raw lyrics. The songs from the beginning to end were soulful and very well put together. This revival band is the first ever act to sign with Rend Family Records, and it is no surprised that they have been signed. Jordan Frye is the front of the band, and is doing an excellent job of bringing worship songs to the next generation. If you need encouragement and the perfect reminder, be sure to purchase this album.

Songs on Album:

Alive in You: Alive in You is the perfect opening song to this album. It is a song about knowing your worth and God’s never-ending presence in our lives. It is a great reminder of God’s encouragement through the good and the bad, and how if you are lost you can be found. “Christ who lives within me” are the lyrics used within the bridge of this song that really adds that extra connection as you sing. (Galatians 2:20)

Never Stop: Never Stop starts off with an encouraging backbeat that makes you want to get up and dance! “Your love will never stop chasing after me.” These lyrics are particularly motivating and give the uplift we all need in knowing that no matter how many times we may fall, His love will never stop chasing after us. Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to praise the Lord with this comforting song.

Wild Heart: Another encouraging song of praise! The songs on this album have had me hooked since the very beginning! Wild Heart is a song for those who are thirsting for what all He can offer, and how when you choose the path that God has set out for you, you will never go back to where you were before. “The cross before me, the world behind me.” Urban Rescue nailed this message with those simple words.

Open Hands: Open Hands is a song of wanting to live for Him. It is a great reminder that all we have to do is come to Him with open hands, and trust that His plans are much bigger than our Own. It is a great worship song about Faith and Trust. (Mark 8:35)

His Name: His Name is one of the slower songs on the album, but one of the most soulful songs. His Name is referring to Jesus, and how he is the one who is all powerful. It is through Him that we are forgiven, and through Him that we can be healed. This song is extremely powerful, and one of my personal favorites on this album.

Song of My Father: Song of My Father is another slower paced song on this album. “I can hear You, singing over me.” This song is about how God’s song and love for us is always there if we just choose to listen and accept. It is the loudest song and the only thing we ever need to hear. Along with His Name, Song of My Father is another perfect praise song full of thankfulness and leaves the heart feeling content.

Magnificent: This is another song glorifying our Father, and all that he has sacrificed to give us new life. It is an amazing feeling praising Jesus through this song for thanking him for doing the unthinkable, just out of pure love. Magnificent is the perfect description for who He is. (Psalm 95:6)

Recreate: Recreate brings the upbeat back, and is such a motivational song. Along with many others, I just wanted to raise my hands and close my eyes as the words awakened my soul. This song is about asking The Lord to recreate and mold us into what He wants us to be. It is a heart-warming song about coming back to life.

Fling Wide! Fling Wide!: “Lift high, the name of Jesus.” These lyrics are a perfect summary of this song. It is another glorifying song on this album. It has a spunky feel, and will leave your heart smiling. This song is good for igniting your faith, and gives hope and reassurance of how great Heaven will be.

Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope starts off with the catchiest beat, and had me swaying back and forth from the very beginning. I found the lyrics and name for this song to be genius. Urban Rescue’s lyrics “Let Your love be my kaleidoscope” are asking God to come into our hearts and change us to see things from His point of view. It is so encouraging to know that all we have to do is ask God to take over our hearts and lead us in the right direction. This was another one of my favorite worship songs on this album!

Up From The Ashes: Up From The Ashes is the closing song for His Name, and I could not think of a better song to sum up a phenomenal album. It is such a comforting song that discusses how God makes perfect things out of ashes, and how living through Him our lives our bound to change for the good. The bridge of the song was unexpected, and could not have been a better surprise. “ I have set the Lord before me: because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” – Psalm 16:8

Wow! This album stayed true to the word, was motivational, and had be dancing in my chair in the coffee shop at my college campus. This album covers many different emotions that will feel as Christians, and was beyond encouraging. I really enjoyed how many songs were dedicated to worshiping Christ. Sometimes, between the hustle and bustle of everyday life we forget to simply say Thank You, and these songs helped to put things back into perspective.

I was overall extremely impressed with the band, singer, lyrics, and messages. Some of the songs seemed a little similar to one another in terms of the beat, but other than that this album was spectacular.

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