It was near midnight one Friday evening in March when Kaitlyn* made a desperate phone call. She had taken the first pill of the two-pill regimen for a chemical abortion, and was looking for a way to undo it. The only way was through an abortion pill reversal.

At just eight weeks into her pregnancy, Kaitlyn had already gone through a range of emotions. Though she was happy about her pregnancy, she was scared. The timing didn’t seem right, and her hopes for her future seemed to be falling apart. 

Abortion Pill ReversalDiscouraged, she eventually set up an appointment for an abortion. She missed it, but then chose to reschedule. The second time, she went to her appointment and took the abortion pill. 

As she and her boyfriend left the abortion facility, they caught a glimpse of a sign carried by a sidewalk counselor with information regarding Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). The next night, they found information online about the treatment and placed their call to the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline (877-558-0333,

“Let’s get the ultrasound and go.”

Kaitlyn was in tears. After listening to Kaitlyn and her boyfriend’s concerns, the Abortion Pill Reversal phone operator connected them to Courtney Parks, a local nurse from HELP Pregnancy Center near Charlotte, North Carolina. The next morning, Parks and Kaitlyn quickly set up an appointment for an assessment aboard HELP’s ultrasound mobile unit. Before the appointment, Parks enlisted the help of a local sidewalk counselor, Vicky Kaseorg, to counsel Kaitlyn.

In actuality, the plan would prove more complicated than that. Kaitlyn wouldn’t get off work until much later that evening. Over the course of the day, Parks, Kaseorg and Kaitlyn would go back and forth, trying to devise a new plan to get Kaitlyn the help she needed.

“We were just like, the longer this goes, the less chance this baby has,” said HELP’s sonographer, Kelly Byrum, who eventually joined Parks and Kaseorg in their quest.

*Reprinted with permission from Heartbeat International.  Written by Katie Franklin

With time ticking down, will this baby make it?  Will the abortion pill reversal work?  Read the rest of this article on page 34 of our August issue.  Additionally, please check out Heartbeat International’s website and choose to support them in their work.  The stories that are reprinted in the magazine are real, and the people that work for them care deeply about the people they come into contact with.  The testimonies of countless babies saved is incredible!

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