Wisdom Speaks: Hearing Her Voice In A Noisy World by Kathy J. Smith is about hearing many voices in the world but learning to differentiate between them all to find wisdom’s voice. Smith mentions the voice of reason, the foolish woman, peer influences, experience and emotions as a few of the attention stealers. She gives examples from the life of King Rehoboam and Solomon in 1 Kings during their latter years when they strayed from instruction.
The author continues her focus on wisdom by pointing out the promises God has made to those who search for wisdom. She gives examples from the life of Joseph and David on God’s plans and purpose for a life that is intent on searching out wisdom in spite of trials.
Smith illustrates the importance of having a church body to help you grow while you are on a quest for wisdom, “The sound of wisdom’s voice can be magnified in the company of likeminded people in search of truth.” (pg. 43).
She talks about the need for change and direction so one can become the person God created them to be in life. The author warns the reader about having a wrong mindset which will impact their embrace of truth. She paints a picture by using her own life as an example of her pursuit of wisdom and what she has found to be true.


Kathy J. Smith makes her topic come alive through the telling of her experiences on her quest for wisdom. She enjoys placing song lyrics to emphasize her topic. If you are looking for a short book on wisdom, then this would be a good read!


Overall the book was thought provoking, however, some of the Scriptures were from various translations and it felt a little out of context. She also quotes some psychologists on matters of reasoning and self. Her writing style was a little hard to follow during her points where she used multiple illustrations from her own life.


The book overall was an interesting perspective on the voices that may cloud one’s ability to hear wisdom. It didn’t go into great depth about what wisdom is or the practical daily application of it. The author’s challenge is to think about the ways the reader may need to hear wisdom in their own life to please the Lord. Kathy J. Smith reminds the reader of their need to ask the Lord for His wisdom in order to hear Wisdom Speak.

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