Society sends women mixed messages on who they should be in marriage and as part of a family.  Women are groomed to grow up to be strong, independent, and self-reliant.  Some are taught that they don’t need a “man” to be fulfilled, and that a woman should either derive most of her satisfaction from career fulfillment than from family, or she should strive to be a supermom.

So, women, how’s that working out?

Most women report that when they take on the supermom role, they feel burned out.  They simply can’t be all things to all people, and everywhere at once.  It’s unrealistic, yet most women still strive to be this model of perfection.  When a woman focuses more on career and family comes in second, it usurps what God had originally designed.  The family begins to suffer, and relationships become strained.

Additionally, many girls grow up dominating men and fulfilling the “head of the house” role wherein she controls everything.  Her husband becomes passive and emasculated because he is not able to lead as God had designed.  God told Eve that she was to submit to her husband, which means to submit to his authority over the household.  However, women have distorted this to mean that they are to be submissive, and that the husband is to make all the decisions.  Likewise, many men do dominate the home, and twist this truth as well to mean that a wife needs to be dominated (told what to do) without any question or say.

Women, marriageWhat Does God Say About Women?

God’s design was that women submit to their husband’s leadership especially over spiritual matters.  However, the woman is also the help-meet, and works side-by-side with her husband in an equal manner.

Gabrielle Elisco discusses how women should treat their husbands, why, and what the Bible defines the role as a wife to be.  She contrast the image we have today of what a woman should be with biblical women of character.  She also asks the question: have we gone too far from God’s design?

This article and more on how to strengthen our marriages in our March issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine!

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