Heather Lindsey of Atlanta, Georgia has been ministering to people through her organization, Pinky Promise Movement, for almost 15 years.  With over 500,000 Facebook fans, and almost 300,000 Instagram followers, Lindsey is inclined to share humorous stories about life as a pastor’s wife, and mother of almost three children.  A few days ago, God changed the life of another woman in a great way through a word of knowledge.

Pinky Promise Movement is an organization that encourages women to honor God with their life and body.  After receiving a word of knowledge,  she experienced a leading to minister in a way she had never done previously.

What Happened Next Will Amaze You!

In an interview with CBN News, Lindsey said, “I was driving home from the grocery store and I just felt the Holy Spirit tell me there is a woman that follows you on social media and she has already made her abortion appointment and I want you to get on there, encourage her and tell her that God has a plan for her baby and to not get an abortion.”

Word Of KnowledgeShe continued, “So I just went on there and I did about maybe three or four videos. And I was just praying and urged other people and I said, ‘If it’s not you, pray for this young lady that she’ll come forward and she’ll be bold and tell me who she is.'”

Just an hour later, a woman did contact her saying that she didn’t know what to do after discovering that she was now pregnant by a friend at church.  The woman had made an appointment to have an abortion after the man had begun to ignore and reject her after previously stating that they were “in this together”.


Lindsey had responded to the woman offering her hope and prayer through emailing her some scriptures.

Lindsey explained. “I said God has a plan and he put it so heavy on my heart. And the thing was she said she had been struggling with the decision for a while. She began to reach out to friends but she said every time she went to push ‘send’ the Holy Spirit said, ‘No, I’m going to show you what to do.’ And then she went on Instagram. She saw my message and she said now I’m canceling the appointment.”

Lindsey herself is expecting her third child shortly, and the woman’s response touched her as she realized that God used social media to save the life of this unborn baby.


“I think sometimes we think social media is just for like our selfies and all that other stuff,” she said. “But the Lord told me back in 2004 or 2005 that social media was going to be a place where especially the un-churched would go and, ‘When they’re on there I want you to catch them. I want you to share the word of God.'”

“So I’ve been talking about Jesus back then and nobody would like my comments or my posts or anything, but I knew I was planting seeds so from that point forward my whole heartbeat has been let me tell people about Christ. I want them to know who He is. And they might not go to church but they’ll look on their Instagram.”

Lindsey is now planning to host a baby shower for this future anonymous mother who because of her video chose to give her baby life.  Praise be to God, that it all began with a word of knowledge.

“We not only reached out to her, we got her contact information,” she said. “I host a state-wide baby shower every year, where we help provide for single mothers in need. I’m going to do an Instagram baby shower for this woman and where anybody that wants to just donate to her just to help her with her baby. And not only that, we want to continue to do a relationship with her so she knows, you’re not alone. Yeah we said this, your baby’s going to be here, but you’re not alone on this journey.”

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