Receiving A Word of Knowledge Is An Incredible Feeling… But What Do You Do With It?

The person who receives a word of knowledge from the Lord has three responses:

  1. Pray Over The Individual. Does God want the word to be released, or is He asking you to pray over someone.
  2. Release It In His Timing. Not everything is to be released immediately. In presenting a word of knowledge to a person, ask God if it is to be released now, or later. Then wait on God’s timing. He will let you know when.
  3. Release It Immediately. This is usually where sin is involved, or blocking a person from receiving victory. It is usually more of a last resort that God uses to get our attention about sin since we never want our sin to be publicly known.
Word of Knowledge

Observing these three things for the person receiving the word of knowledge from God is important. If we speak it too soon and the person is not ready, it will backfire on us. The individual can become angry (which sometimes happens even in God’s timing), or their heart isn’t ready to receive it yet.

Sometimes God wants to deal with someone directly, and sends a direct message that they need to work on something. It feels a bit like someone is “reading your mail”, but we have to appreciate that it is being revealed for a reason.

What If You Are The One Receiving A Word of Knowledge?

A Word of Knowledge can be exciting. Some prophesies result out of this, and sometimes a word of knowledge can be comforting or offer guidance. But what about if it doesn’t resonate with your spirit? What if you feel the person is wrong? Or maybe they are correct and you don’t want to accept what they are saying?

Joshua Oladipupo discusses what to do when we receive a word of knowledge, and what it can potentially mean for us. Sometimes a word gives us a promise to hold on to in times of trial, and sometimes it is an immediate encouragement. How do we know? How do we prepare?

He also talks about what to do if what is being said or prophesied doesn’t resonate with what you feel God is telling you, or when it is two different things. How do you reconcile it? Is someone wrong, or do you only have one piece of the puzzle?

This feature and more in our June Issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on May 27, 2019.

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