Many Christians are being led astray by cults claiming that they are Christian denominations.  It isn’t just young adults, either.  Often it’s adults, too, and generations of a family that fall prey to organizations that are indeed cults- or, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It is God’s desire that NONE of His sheep go astray.  So how do you know if you or a loved on is in a cult?

In the article, “Where in the Bible is That: How Believers can Recognize a Cult”, Charlaine Engelhardt tackles the delicate topic of recognizing cult activity, the tell-tale signs of a cult, and what to watch for.

It is never easy to see someone you love fall prey to a cult, and it’s even more challenging to get them out as some are very dangerous to those that choose to leave.

Find out what you can do if someone you love is in a cult in our April Issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine!