Shazzy Fitness does just that!

Shazzy Fitness combines a whole body, hip-hop dance routine to the latest in Christian music.  It is a work out for your body, and your soul at the same time!

Their program is designed by professional choreographers, is designed for people of various ages, and has music from award winning artists such as Da’ TRUTH, E.DOT, Saiah, and many more.

Faith Filled Family will be doing an interview with Shazzy Fitness Founder and CEO, Kristy McCarley, and we will be featuring an in depth look at their program which will focus on the effectiveness (results) of the program, the dance moves, and the overall program done by our own publisher, Michelle Danko.

The interview and the results of the workout will be in our Winter 2015 issue coming out in January!

For further information, please visit their website at