Below is a list of topics available for our Fall features (available interviews to be posted shortly). Our topic for this issue is: ” The Personality of God.”

For upcoming issues, please click here.

To reserve your topic, please fill out the form below. PLEASE submit both your name and email (so we can reach you!) and select your topic(s). Then hit send. An email will be sent to our Publishers (Michelle and LA) as to which topic is taken. She will then confirm the topic, and our list will be updated with the remaining articles.


We are working with a program called “SocialCast” for our editorial management.  Here you will be able to upload files directly to the server and send them to the appropriate editor.  All files are encrypted.  This is also where editors can give you feedback, notes, you can select features here as well, and it will allow for a one on one communication with team members instead of an email back and forth.  You will be able to see immediately if something has been received.

I urge you to PLEASE take advantage of this as it makes our entire process so much easier!  We are growing so rapidly that we need a more sophisticated process in place to keep up with the demand.

Until we find a plugin, email to let me know that you want to be part of the socialcast network as I have to enter everything in manually.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, please contact our publisher (Michelle Danko) at

Submission deadline is September 20, 2014

Please also click on the link below if you are not receiving the reminders when new topics are posted.  We moved to a new system, and want to ensure that everyone is on it.


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