It seems like a simple answer, to most people, as to what role the Holy Spirit plays in our lives.  However, the reality is that not everyone is familiar with it, and many that are, aren’t aware of the full extent that the Holy Spirit operates in our lives.

For those of us that are well-aquainted with the purpose of the Holy Spirit in our lives, many of us don’t fully comprehend how to flow in it.  Most of the time, for many of us, things begin “by accident” or just simply happen.  For example, I recall having God’s anointing come upon me as I was leading a prayer call.  It came on very strong, and I felt as if I were unprepared as to how to fully release it.  Sadly, because I was unsure as to how to flow in it, it never got released to its full extent.

Thankfully, I did learn how to operate under the anointing and flow in it, but I came to the realization that many people are still trying to figure it out.  Wouldn’t we be much further ahead if we discussed the why, how, and what to do?  Then God’s gifts would flow freely from His children, and we would end up glorifying the Kingdom through it.

Holy SpiritWhat Is The Holy Spirit And How Do We Flow In It?

Janice Broyles will discuss in our April issue exactly what the Holy Spirit is, its role/purpose in the lives of believers, what happened in Acts, and how to flow in it.  The Holy Spirit has numerous purposes in a believer’s life, and it takes quite some time to learn how to use them, discern when it’s from God, and operate in them.  Even when you know what they are, it takes time to learn what to do in a given situation and grow to spiritual maturity.  Janice will give believers an overview of what the Holy Spirit’s purpose is, and a basic understanding.

The remainder of our features will discuss what some of them are individually, and how to flow in the Spirit.

Learn more about the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection in our April issue coming out on March 26.

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