Almost 1,000 young Christian leaders from 160 countries gathered in Indonesia to discuss challenges facing young evangelicals.
At the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG2016), leaders are conversing about topics such as standing up for Biblical truth despite cultural pressure in today’s world.
In an interview with The Christian Post, Richard Coleman, a member of the YLG planing team, commented that young believers are feeling pressured to follow culture and disregard semblances of biblical truth.
“A generation can repackage the truth. No problem. But that generation shouldn’t be redefining the truth,” he said. With such a lack of Bible knowledge, this generation is getting tossed around a bit much. Yet, there’s hope,” he added.
Coleman is currently serving as the emcee of the “United in the Great Story” themed event running until August 10th.  Coleman, along with his teammate Sarah Breuel feel millennials are experiencing greater challenges over the previous generation when it comes to maintaining their faith.
Coleman commented, “There is so much social pressure for inclusion into any and everything. To take a stance against anything carries the risk of being labeled as ‘narrow-minded’ or ‘judgmental.’ Add to that the almost immediate persecution through social media, and it can become quite intimidating to proclaim the truths of Scripture.”
Young Leaders Gathering was began by Rev. Billy Graham in the 70’s to prevent the following generations from succumbing to social pressures regarding their faith.  The effects of YLG2016 is to connect global mission influencers and ideas.  It is also to launch a movement to equip, encourage, mentor, and keep the fire for Christ alive in younger leaders.

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