What Will The Future Look Like For Christians?

Many people dismiss the importance of discipling youth, and the impact that it will have on them. We can’t afford to dismiss their generation, because the choices they make will impact our generation just as much as our past mistakes and successes shape their future.

What Legacy Are We Leaving Our Youth?

Who is teaching them to strive for a better life than the one that we’ve shown them? Who is spending time with the youth of today? Who influences them, their thoughts, their actions, and who they are? The people that surround youth will influence who they become, will impart their belief system into them, and will influence their thought pattern.

Simply put, we are who we associate with.

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Leave It To Schools?

They will get an education, and hopefully to exceedingly well. But academic education is not enough for them to thrive as a Christian. School is designed to teach them how to survive in society, and how to survive in the real world- whatever that may look like to them. But it won’t teach them about true moral character- walking in integrity- and the importance of it for a successful godly life.

It won’t teach youth how to be successful God’s way. In fact, it will teach them quite the opposite. It will teach them that they need to compete, they need to be perfect, and that the competition is stiff for jobs. Why do you think anxiety is on the rise? Many just can’t take the pressure!

It won’t teach them that God has a plan and purpose for them, nor will school take the time to go through their spiritual aptitude- it’s not their job.

They can’t teach your children not to have sex before marriage, and why God designed it this way. All it can teach your children are what their options are.

Schools can’t teach your children to be a light to the world when it teaches them how to survive in darkness. It can’t teach them why God is the only way, and the benefits of faith because God has no place in schools. It can’t teach your children why the world does things contrary to scripture, but will teach your kids to tolerate it- not speak against it in love.

Their Peers?

Their friends know as much about life as they do… and some experiences might be better off not shared.


It’s a great source of info if your child wants to learn how to “President Bash”, that hook-ups are okay, that they don’t have to commit to anything, divorce is okay, living together is acceptable, and on and on. Who is teaching them to lead a godly lifestyle? Media, for the most part, should be used to teach them what not to do, and why.

Mia Familia!

“It takes a village to raise a child.”. Yes it does, but what there aren’t all believers in your village? How many families fight over how children are raised? Not every family is filled with people who are on fire for God. Additionally, you need to know what they believe because they will influence your children one way or another.

Just because they say they are Christian, doesn’t mean that they are a true disciple of God. We all are at different levels in our faith.

Who Then Will Teach Them About Faith?

The people who created them: God, mom, and dad. It is our responsibility, as outlined in Psalms, to raise our children according to the scripture. We are charge with not only teaching them what the Bible says, but how to walk our their faith, how to apply their faith, and how to defend their faith, because the world will do a good job in teaching them why they don’t need God or that He doesn’t exist.

Do you want your child to walk in the light or how to deal with darkness? If you want to solid future as a Christian, we need to raise children with the same passion that we possess. They are the future decision makers, and if we don’t teach them God’s way, we will see more of Satan’s way.

Their choices will affect us just as ours have affected them. Were our decisions the best according to the Word, or did it create our present day chaos and confusion?

Our April issue teaches parents how to raise godly children in a godless society. Satan is after our children because if he can impact the next generation, then he can rule the world. This issue teaches parents how to guard their children from the wiles of the enemy, and how Satan may be creeping into areas that you may be unaware of.

For the areas that parents are struggling with, or have dismissed as harmless, we offer godly direction on how to become victorious in all circumstances, and encouragement.

Written by a team that mostly has children themselves, a whole lot of wisdom, a passion for God, and a desire to make an impact, this issue will give you hope where there is none, and strength where you need it most.

Presenting April 2019….

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