Darlene Zschech is a renown author, worship leader, and pastor.  Darlene’s latest abum, Here I Am Send Me, will be released globally March 3 from Integrity Music and will feature cowrites with Martin Smith, Paul Baloche, Jenn Johnson, and Leeland Morring.


Here I Am Send Me was recorded live at Hope Unlimited Church in New South Wales, Australia and is her first project after a cancer diagnosis in 2014.  The new album contains eleven new songs.

Additionally, Here I Am Send Me opens with a declaration of God’s greatness in “You Are Great”.  This powerful declaration is in response to undergoing the most challenging season in her life.

“When I was at my sickest, Martin flew over from England to sit with us, sing songs over our church, and walk and talk with me and my husband, all the while speaking courage into us,” Zschech says, her voice full of emotion recalling the dark days after her diagnosis of breast cancer that is now in remission. “It’s week one of treatment and you feel like you’re going to die, and Martin said, ‘Darls, I know you’re going to want to write songs about this season. What do you want to say?’ And I said, ‘I want to say ‘HE IS GREAT!’ And so we wrote this song together and have been singing it in our church. That’s where it started… In the midst of the fire, it doesn’t change who our God is.”

“Cancer is a dreadful thing,” continues Zschech. “The medical world doesn’t like to use the word ‘healed.’ They like to say the word ‘remission’… but I’m believing God’s report over my life. I speak Psalm 91 over myself every day, I take my medicine and I take the word of God and I do my best with what I can do in the natural and trust God with those things over which I have no power.”

The remainder of the album reminds listeners that God is great, and teaches people to praise Him at all times.  “You Will Be Praised”, cowrritten with Paul Baloche and Jenn Johnson, declares the power of the Holy Spirit and makes “fearlessness possible” no matter what the circumstance.

Zschech reveals that the album was written after a revelation came from reading Genesis 22, “Here I am Lord, whatever you ask, before you ask, my answer is yes”.

“None of us know how many days we have,” continues Zschech. “Whatever days I have—and I’m declaring a ripe old age—I want to live them intentionally. I want to live the love of Christ… Everywhere we go, we take the presence of the Lord, we take His presence and His hope, His extravagant love. It’s a journey. I’m not there yet, but that’s the journey that I am embracing.”

Our Music Spotlight section features Darlene Zschech and will take readers further into her journey, her testimony, and her new album.

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